On March 4, 2017, BridgePoint Church in Temperance, Michigan was completely destroyed by fire. A part of the community for almost 175 years, and the church home to over 350 people every week, the fire left a tremendous void in the hearts and lives of many. The past year has been one of salvage, cleanup, transition, and displacement. We have been working on site preparation, insurance negotiations, and architectural plans. Over one year later, we are now poised to begin the rebuilding process.

People gather to pray

Despite the tragedy of the church building’s destruction, God’s hand of providence was immediately evident. With all of the various ministries, services, and functions housed at BridgePoint Church, the fire struck during the only time of the week in which the building was completely unoccupied! Not a single person was injured by the fire!

A community comes together

The outpouring of love and support from our community was immediately evident. The day after the fire, Bedford High School opened it’s doors to us for our worship service. A large crowd assembled to praise God and to be reminded that the church is not a building but a body of believers. Pastor Craig Killinen reminded the church, “Our God is bigger than a fire….I believe the best is yet to come!” Those words would become our mantra as we began the long and difficult journey towards rebuilding the physical structure that would house God’s congregation of people at BridgePoint Church.

Moving forward

The loss of our building resulted in the need to relocate virtually every ministry run by our church. Everything from KidzPoint Children’s Ministry and AWANA to More Student Ministries to Love N Care preschool and God Works! Family Soup Kitchen had to find temporary housing and transform their operational structures. We are thankful that God provided us places such as Smith Road Elementary School, Bedford Public Library, as well as various local churches in order to keep these programs up and running. Without the support of these and other wonderful community partners, we would not have been able to continue these ministries throughout the rebuilding process.

Become Part of the Story

Due to the rising costs of construction materials and updated insurance requirements such as the installation of a sprinkler system and bringing city water to the property to operate it, the available insurance settlement will not be sufficient to restore all of our previous ministries. Our church family has pledged a significant amount of money to help bridge this gap, but a large shortfall still exists.

It is the vision of BridgePoint Church to help people in our community and around the world to find and follow Jesus. That is why we are stepping out in faith to raising the funds necessary to restore the building for these important ministries. We aspire to make our church, once again, a place of fellowship, education, and hospitality not only to our members, but to our friends and neighbors as well.

We invite you to become a part of the STORY and ask that you will prayerfully consider a financial donation to our rebuilding fund. Our Church family will deeply appreciate any contribution you can offer to our ongoing vision for BridgePoint Church.