The future

In KidzPoint, our mission is to help kids find their way back to God, connect with others, and contribute to changing the world. We are acting on the verse in Psalm 22:6 that instructs us to “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” We employ multi-disciplinary teaching strategies and activities to reinforce the Bible stories, promote scripture memorization and provide real-life applications of God’s Word for our kids.


Our volunteers demonstrate a genuine passion for sharing Jesus and leading each child to become the best version of themselves in Christ. We consider it an honor to serve and love on kids each week! Every volunteer who leads in KidzPoint or our nursery has had a background check and is committed to making the ministry a safe, biblically relevant, and fun environment for your kids.


From birth through the preteen years, we provide kids in every growth phase, a safe environment where they can learn about Jesus and connect with each other. Our goal is to provide age-appropriate lessons and activities that help kids of all ages learn how to apply scripture to their everyday lives. 


Each Sunday, you will need to check your child into KidzPoint. Parents can check in all their children at the Check-In desk. A printed name tag will be given to each child and a claim tag will be given for parents to present at Check-Out. The check-in format will include your child’s name as well as information regarding specific allergies.  When you return at the end of service for Check-Out, simply return your child's claim tag to the teacher for verification.  

Parent Support

As parents, you spend much more time with your kids than we do on a weekly basis and we desire to provide you with as much support as possible. Please take advantage of the Parent Cue app which is a FREE app that provides you with weekly information about what your kids are learning in KidzPoint each week. There is also parenting tips, videos and some additional discussion starters for your family throughout the week. If you would like to see the video materials that accompany our curriculum and view podcasts from various contributors, you can visit

Interested in Serving?

We would love for all of our parents to be a part of our KidzPoint Ministry. Pick up an application from the Check-In table and help make our church a great place for kids and their families to be!