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Our Leadership Team

The staff and leadership here at BridgePoint Church is comprised of men and women who believe in serving the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church.  If you have a special need, want to know more about growing in your relationship with Christ, or simply want to talk to a any staff personnel, please contact the church office at or through the appropriate e-mail listed below.

  • Craig Killinen  - Lead Pastor



    Craig has been serving at BridgePoint since August, 2005 with his wife, Steffanie and 3 daughters Rikki Lyn, Cassidy and Savanna.

  • Matt Hafer - Student Ministries Pastor



    Matt began serving as our student ministry pastor in October, 2014.  He is married to Emily and they have 3 daughters, Gretchen, Marley and Willow and a son, Finn.

  • Mica Estep - Worship Pastor



    Mica began serving as the Worship Pastor of BridgePoint Church in February of 2005.  He is married to Kelly and they have a daughter, Emma.

  • David Edwards - Executive Pastor


    David is an ordained minister, author, and educator, and has served in various ministries at BridgePoint since 2008.  He is affectionately known as "Pa" to his grandchildren.

  • Jeramy Adkins -Children's Pastor


    Jeramy joined the BridgePoint staff in August of 2016.  He uses his many talents to support various ministries in the church, mainly in the children's ministry area.  Jeramy has a wife, Rachel who teaches in Love N Care, and 3 children, Abbi, Levi and Selah.

  • Sandy Myers - Administrative Assistant/Preschool Director


    Sandy took on the role of administrative assistant in 2006 and then in 2008 began directing the preschool program. Sandy is married to Barry, and they have 3 adult children.

  • Bonnie Wellman - Financial Secretary


    Bonnie began serving as the financial secretary in 2008.  She is married to Frank, and they have 2 adult children.

Our Beliefs

At our church, you will hear the word “gospel” repeatedly because it is the most important truth that we can know and experience. The gospel is not merely a message that needs to be shared with non-Christians, but also with Christians. It is not something that mature Christians move on from, but rather something that they move deeper into. The gospel is the lens in which we should view theology, ministry, and all aspects of life.

The Apostle Paul defined the word “gospel” concisely in 1st Corinthians 15:3-5 when he wrote, “Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve.” Simply put, the gospel is all about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, and the implications it has for us.